I picked up drawing as a hobby in 2022. This is a log/diary capturing some drawings and progress made along the way (most recent entries at the top of this page).

Jan 2023

I struggled to get any drawing done over the past month or so, but managed to set some time aside one weekend and go though a cell shading style tutorial (on Udemy, by Austin Batchelor). Terrible line art, shoddy proportions, and a general lack of atention to detail, but if you zoom out, it only looks half bad, and I am just happy to have gotten something done. I feel energized to do more.


Oct 2022

Cyberpunk Malenia (Elden Ring)

I had this image in my mind of Malenia from Elden Ring as a Cyberpunk character and this is what I came up with. I feel like I got the proportions right this time, but struggled a quite a bit with hair, wings, and some perspective drawing around the sword/feet. This was a very challenging drawing and I think I learned a lot in the process (as well as what I need to focus on to improve - like hair/perspective/style... everything?).

malenia cyberpunk

2B (Nier Automata)

I pick up Procreate for the first time and try to get more serious about learning art. I follow parts of course on udemy on human figures and anatomy and try my hand at my first "advanced" drawing in Procreate. Drew 2B from Nier Automata using pencil brushes.

2b pencil

Ludum Dare #51

These are the 16px characters I drew for my LD#51 entry Aberration. I posted a full dev log here.

aberration 16px characters

Sep 2022

Lucy (Cyberpunk: Edgerunners)

I got a bit more ambitious with this one, increased the resolution, and tried to draw a whole scene not just a character.

lucy netrunner


Drew some Overwatch characters as practice (the mini mercy is just me forgetting what resolution i was actually working at...).

overwatch mercy widowmaker dva pixel art

Helen of Troy

Had an idea for Helen of Troy as an enemy npc in the game jam entry that never happened. Drew an initial "angelic" version of the character with and idea to have a "demonic" transformation as you battle her. Ended up drawing tons of variations including a Ranni (Elden Ring) inspired one as well. It's so much easier to just draw variations on an existing figure that I got a bit carried away.

helen of troy pixel art

Dante Alighieri

My first attempt at pixel art.

Wanted to enter a game jame at some point in september, with an idea for game called "Dante's Escape". I wanted to place the action in Dante's Inferno, and have the player play as Dante, going through the circles, trying to escape hell.

Started out with a simple flat character, and got progressively more ambitious. The final iteration is on the right. I managed to build a rough prototype of the game, but spent so much time figuring out art and Godot that I did not have the time to actually finish anything. Still managed to learn quite a bit - which was the point anyway - so fairly satisfied with the end result.

dante alighieri pixel art